Why this site

We would like to use this site, independent from Facebook, to facilitate finding a suitable spots (such as abandoned villages) to start building sustainable living communities in Spain. Here, we can put together information that is useful for all forming villages and existing villages. This is not only about us, but about saving the world one sustainable community at the time. We can share what we know with the world, and that is why we are sharing this information publicly, in a decentralized way.

Many people have expressed their interest in being a part of it. We feel blessed that there are many like-minded people out there.  Sharing ideas and visions are always welcome, so do let us know if you have any places, ideas or other information to share. Do you think this internet website is useful? Do you see the advantage of sharing information here for “our” future village/community, but also for all the others? Please comment below!

How to contribute to this site
This site works like a wiki. If you’re logged in you can edit all the pages you see. There is a sophisticated workflow you see on the dashboard, after you log in (it depends on all of the editors how this will be used)

If you’re logged in, you can add a location (ecovillage, abandoned village, permaculture project, etc) you know about by clicking “+New” > “Place” and filling in the information. You can locate it on the map at the bottom of the edit screen through searching or browsing (zooming) the map. You can also add tags and categories, to make the place easier to find.

Virtual Villages

We have created the page villagers: it is a group profile where we ask everybody to write a short description about themselves. We want to put this on one page to underline the fact that we work as a team (but are not a commune!).
The idea is simple: If you want to be part of another group, you can easily “move” from one virtual village to another. No hard feelings – because that is what this stage is all about: creating groups that can work together well. Of course there will be internal struggles in every normal group, but we can make sure they don’t become too serious by joining the virtual village where we fit best. For example: You can move to another group (or create that group yourself!) by just removing your information from one virtual village and pasting it in another.

Network of villages
The next stage is that these Virtual Villages turn into real villages! We’ll be a network of villages, that can cooperate. A reason for this might be that we grow too large as a group, or not everybody shares the same vision. Positively expressed: People focus on different values, such as veganism, activism, permaculture, arts, spirituality. Of course finding the right balance is important, but at the end of the day, we want everyone to live a fulfilling and sustainable life. Any thoughts please!

Links, Wiki’s, general information
You can add new links to interesting community pages, wiki’s, sharing platforms etc. Links appear in the right sidebar. We are collecting these links together!

Suggestions for the layout are always welcome. If some of you have some graphics/artworks to share it would be great to use them to make the site more visually enjoyable.

21,978 thoughts on “Why this site

  1. Hi Kamiel Yeon and Miru. Hope you are all well. I’ve been looking and hoping to build/join a sustainable community as well.In my search, I came across a village in Orgiva called
    Los Cigarrones.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Festival

    I made contact with Dan (who is looking for people to build a sustainable community) through Couchsurfing. You can contact him through this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/new.ciggy?fref=ts

    Maybe I’ll see you guys there πŸ™‚

  2. Hi guys,

    I struggled for some years to get something like this going as a development project and vocational school in uganda but failed. Forced by serious health problems my brother took me out, and back to holland. Here I am grounded now, 55 years of age and a certified “misfit”. I would be very happy to join you people in search for a place to make anew staart. I have a good ugandan woman waiting to join me, but draconic eec laws have kept her suffering in uganda till now. /together we are a good team in ecologic farming, irrigation, solar energy and construction with simple means. Hope to hear from you.

    Greetz, Loek.

    PS, travelers to uganda may know me as former owner of the hornbill camp in lake victoria.

    1. Hi Loek,

      That sounds interesting. You are more than welcome to register on this site; we’re developing these ideas further.
      We have another Dutch friend with an Ugandan wife, his name is Arjan and he lives is Kampala.



  3. Hi, I am interested in registering on this site- where is the description of the other members or is that only available once you log on? Nevermind, I figured it out.


  4. Hi,
    I am very interested to build a sustainable community in Spain (or even France πŸ™‚ or to connect with an already existing community.
    I think this website can be very useful.
    I have been in Turkey many times the last 17 years and I know there’s is a vast network of ecofarms and sustainable communities out there. You can find them here: http://tatuta.org/ Very inspiring to see this website with so many pins in the map of Turkey ! Maybe we can learn something from them?

    I am a singer and have been giving workshops as well. Also about breathing. And I am good with animals. So that could be my contribution. As well of course as doing work that needs to be done πŸ™‚ I think you need all kinds of people with all kinds of skills. I don’t know if you should divide people in categories like “vegan” or ‘arts’ , although of course it is nice to share some interests with other people. I think if you meet each other you will feel if you will get along or not. If you want to build your community on let’s say eco tourism, than you should all be able to contribute to that of course, but there are many ways to do that.
    In the past I have been a “city-nomad” for 8 years living with many other people in wooden caravans around Amsterdam and trying to build a community with solar power and eco toilets etc. I have also been part of the squatting houses movement in the eighties were we kind of tried to do the same. And I have been helping out in a goatfarm in France milking and making cheese. That was also an alternative community.
    So i have a lot of experience in building a community. Practically and ideologically. I learned above all what doesn’t work. One of the biggest problems for instance is that when people taste power and want to be the Boss and decide it all. On the other hand when nobody takes the lead you don’t come very far either. Kind of a problem there. Same as having no rules or too many rules. So finding a balance is a big challenge.
    And tolerance and a sense of humour are very important to make things work with a big group of people. No surprise there…

    I am also 55 living in Amsterdam and have had some health problems. A lot better now! But still I will not find a job anymore here in Amsterdam, and besides I wouldn’t want to work for most organisations . I am volunteering now with the refugees in Amsterdam.

    So Loek you are also living in Holland?

    After this long story (I also write πŸ™‚ I will register now.


    1. Hi jivan
      We have somewhere you can stay in huercal overa spain temporary at least, get in touch if you still need somewhere.
      Pete & chel

  5. Hello i am a dutch woman living in a camper with my cat ans looking for a nice eco and healing community in spain can any one help me, i do volunteer work, helpx.
    Thanka for any info,greets jivan

  6. Very surprised to refind this project. I wonder what happenend to it? It has beeen 8 years since I write the post above. Many things happened and I drove trucks more than 10 times around the world among others. But now I have retired myself and I am living with my wife in Tororo, Uganda. We have a farm of about 4 hectare and a shelter home for children in distress. We could certainly use some of the land to extend the sustainable village which ours is by default. We live offgrid, do eco farming and rely for a large part on our own output because that is what rural africa does by nature. I would be happy to get reactions on my mail. loek.verburg@gmail.com.

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