About the villages

On this page we reflect about the kind of villages. What do we envision?
Please feel free to share your thoughts here, we’re looking at a convenient way to integrate multiple voices. If you’re logged in, you can simply edit this page. If not sure how, ask Kamiel at village@creativechoice.org

The core value is sustainability: is the village approaching a closed loop system, without exploitation of resources such as soil fertility, groundwater, forests, and streams. Other values are
2) respect for the individual (no imposed religious ideas; certain level of privacy),
3) sharing (see below)
4) creative expression: the village will be an expression of what we see at the good life, everybody will be encouraged to fully unfold their potential
#todo this could be formulated and extended


Sharing is important, but this is not a hippie village, everybody has a place to retreat. There will be a common meeting area, but no imposed activities or holding hands. We will be sharing ideas, tools, spaces, work, and there will be a smart financial organisation geared toward independence of capital/ists and transition toward true sustainability.

The village needs people of various walks of live, scientists, thinkers, architects, farmers, craftspeople, teachers, technologists, programmers; even jurists and medical doctors could be useful to make the village truly sustainable. In the long run, the village will have all age groups represented: children, adults and people of old age. Integration will be key: we won’t outsource care to external parties but will understand care are integral part of who we are as a community.

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