Tamera is a big ecovillage, " biotope"  in the Alentejo region of Portugal, founded in 1995. This might be interesting for inspiration and connections, since Sepp Holzer is cooperating on the permaculture project.  
There is a guesthouse in an old monastery. Inhabitants now up to approx. 300 inhabitants, after the low of 219 back in the nineties. Fiscal is 118 km from Huesca. It’s high in the mountains (approx. 768 meter), the river Ara runs nearby, very clear water. There is a camping nearby.  
Navapalos is a pueblo abandonado, owned by the father of a friend of Kamiel. There are about a dozen buildings. The original project started about 30 years ago and was planned to be a research center for sustainable loam building techniques (the founder is an architect). Due to the economic crisis the village is now ...