Endurian (forming)

Kamiel found this through the Intentional Communities database.  This is what it says on the website:

Last year, we found 8 hectares of land in the South of Spain.
Only 45 minutes from Málaga city, a little paradise, a valley.
Two streams, a river, a well. Two connections to the farmer’s water supply.
320 days of sunshine a year, blue skies.
The opportunity to grow our own food and build earthen houses.
An attempt to live self sufficient.

This paradise is for sale for only 40.000 euro.
1 hectare of land is enough to feed a family of 3.
So, for only 2,000 euro a person, this dream can become a reality.
Some would call it an eco-village, some would call it a utopia or community.
Let’s try and see what we can create together, when the right people come together.


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  1. Eco Living in Spain and Earthbag building workshops, November
    EndurianEco is a community located near Alora, Malaga in Andalucia, Spain.
    Situated amongst hills, natural springs, a river and our own water well, we will be also using rainwater harvesting and water vapor harvesting techniques to harvest water.
    Resilience is the key to living. Growing our own food in hydroponics, greenhouses, vertical garden and permaculture garden systems, building houses of local materials like earth and clay, aiming to live a self sufficient life.
    Helping each other with construction of our own houses and sharing expertise.
    From November 9 – 16 we are organizing an earthbag building course in Spain where you will learn how to build your own earthbag dome from start to finish.
    Cost; 275 euro for 7 days including vegetarian meals and camping 🙂 For more information see http://www.earthbag.eu

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