Discovered today on Facebook. Inspiring 20 minutes video about a functioning ecovillage in the region Léon, est. 1989. Important values are no hierarchy, agreements rather than rules, silence, no chemical fertilizer,
Can Masdeu
Kamiel saw this place on the outskirts of Barcelona in a documentary; definitely worth a visit as they might give us some insight in Spanish legal procedures (they fought eviction). Probably also a good place to find like minded people who want to move to the countryside. Wiki: Can Masdeu (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkam məzˈðew]) is a squatted[1] social centre, ...
Endurian (forming)
Kamiel found this through the Intentional Communities database.  This is what it says on the website: Last year, we found 8 hectares of land in the South of Spain. Only 45 minutes from Málaga city, a little paradise, a valley. Two streams, a river, a well. Two connections to the farmer's water supply. 320 days ...
Tamera is a big ecovillage, " biotope"  in the Alentejo region of Portugal, founded in 1995. This might be interesting for inspiration and connections, since Sepp Holzer is cooperating on the permaculture project.  
There is a guesthouse in an old monastery. Inhabitants now up to approx. 300 inhabitants, after the low of 219 back in the nineties. Fiscal is 118 km from Huesca. It’s high in the mountains (approx. 768 meter), the river Ara runs nearby, very clear water. There is a camping nearby.  
Instantánea del elemento debajo: Celebrating Autumn at the KanAwen Ecovillage 21st and 22nd of September We invite you to share and celebrate the beginning of autumn with us. Come and enjoy the fullness of nature and participate in the program we have prepared, with talks, workshops, live music and activities for everyone, including a special ...